Fiends Forever

As I’m sat here preparing myself to watch The Walking Dead, I thought I would talk a little bit about my love of horror. It’s about time you got to know me!


If you hadn’t realised by now, I love all things creepy, gory and genuinely anything that your average person would cringe at. I have always had an interest in the supernatural and anything ghoulish and this became more apparent when I was in junior school. I would find myself creating ‘ghost clubs’ and constantly researching about the supernatural and discussing it with my friends, regardless of how terrified they would get. I specifically remember a book in the school library about ghosts that I used to read over and over; I wish I could still remember the name of it!

Luckily for a weirdo like me, I had a best friend who was equally as weird (YES ELLIE, I’M LOOKING AT YOU!). We would spend so much time talking about things that most youngsters would have no interest in. We would love scaring ourselves and would often encounter supernatural experiences together. Now, there is a very likely chance that there was a logical reason for all of these goings on and that we just hyped each other up to the point where we thought we saw/heard something, or perhaps it was genuinely real as I’m fairly sure some things I have experienced have been real.In the future I would like to talk more about my spooky experiences because I personally love hearing other people’s ghost stories.

So, from quite a young age, Ellie and I would watch horror films together. I specifically remember watch Hide and Seek, Final Destination and When a Stranger Calls together. I also, from a young age, had an obsession with witches, an obsession which still stands today and I honestly have no idea where this obsession came from. When I was younger my parents would always tell me that monsters and ghosts etc. weren’t real however, as I got older I actually discovered that my mum believes a lot more than she let on; what a little liar right!tenor

As I got older, more and more horror was introduced to my life; Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Ghosts, Witches, you name it. Then around the age of fifteen/sixteen I discovered the world of serial killers. It all began with an unhealthy interest in Jack the Ripper and progressed from there.

Nowadays, I’m well known amongst friends and family for living and breathing halloween and horror. I love the films, the books, the television programs and I especially love true life creepy stories. I can’t help it.

We are the weirdos mister giphy (1)

Biters, Battles & Babes.


It’s February & we all know what that means….THE WALKING DEAD RETURNS!

So here’s the thing: Since I can remember I have fallen for the bad guys. How cliché, I know! Seriously though, I often start to wonder if there is a point where it has gone too far? Apparently the answer is yes, I have in fact gone too far this time; Negan.

Anyone who watches The Walking Dead as religiously as myself will know exactly who I’m talking about, let’s face it, he’s pretty hard to miss. When Negan first came onto our screens in the last episode of season six, I felt like I had been hit in the face with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat…heh heh…my knees buckled and my jaw dropped, metaphorically speaking of course, and before I knew it, I was in love.

Negan is a bad guy. He is a very, very, very bad guy; I think we’ve pretty much established that by now. With the help of his band of loyal followers, The Saviours, and of course his trusty sidekick, Lucille, he has killed off more than one of our beloved characters and does not seem to be slowing down the massacre. However, much to my boyfriend’s displeasure, there seems to be something about Negan’s slicked back hair, salt and pepper stubble and charming yet sadistic demeanour which leaves me desperately wishing that he would leave the fictional world and somehow stroll into my life.


The return of The Walking Dead means the return of Negan and quite frankly, I can’t wait! The real question is though, what’s going to happen next?

The last we saw was Daryl Dixon being reunited with the gang after escaping as Negan’s prisoner, and it seems as though Rick is preparing everyone for a war; this is the first time in a long while that we have actually seen a snippet of the old Rick. Let’s face it, recently Rick has been a bit of a cry baby and it’s about time that he pulled himself together!

I know that many of you will be hoping that Negan meets his comeuppance in the second half of season 7 however, I can honestly -hand on heart- say that I do not share that hope; in fact, I have a strong feeling that a few tears may be shed if we do witness Negan’s demise. I should probably begin preparing myself for it now as unfortunately I don’t believe that this post-apocalyptic world is big enough for both Rick Grimes and Negan.

Let me know in the comments if you share this love of Negan & reassure me that I’m not the only one!