Out of the Broom Closet.

It’s been five years. Five whole years since I chose my path and it’s time to come out of the Broom Closet.

I am a Witch. An Eclectic Solitary Witch to be precise. I hthumb_IMG_2647_1024ave been practising Witchcraft and following a Pagan path for roughly five years now and I thought that it was time to finally talk about it. I have never particularly hidden my beliefs but I’m not as open about it as I would like to be and I’m hoping that this post will be the beginning of that.

As a Pagan Witch, I don’t worship Satan, I don’t sacrifice animals, I don’t Hex and Curse people. As a Pagan Witch I worship nature, celebrate Sabbats and Esbats (the changing of seasons and moon cycles), carry out ‘spells’ to put good vibes out into the universe in the hope that those good vibes will be returned.

There is a horrible amount of stigma around Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca etc. this is probably to do with the fact that a while back it was normal to capture people like me and burn us at the stake however, this reaction came from a fear of the unknown and perhaps if people actually took the time to understand Pagans and Witches, the world might learn to accept us for what we are rather than making assumptions.

I strongly believethumb_IMG_2645_1024 that I have always been a Witch. I’m convinced that it has been passed down to me and although those relatives do not practise Witchcraft, there are certainly signs that point to a family coven! When I finally discovered and learnt about Paganism I knew instantly that it was me.

Paganism historically is one of the oldest ‘religions’ or followings and what you may find is that a lot of commonly celebrated holidays are based on Pagan holidays. An example of this would be Christmas which shares an extremely large amount of similarities with the Pagan holiday, Yule.

Today I have finally re-set up my Altar which you can see some photos of throughout this post. An altar is a safe space for carrying out any workings whether it is a ritual, divination, meditation or anything that requires a calm and safe area.

I would like to write some more posts about Witchcraft and Paganism and hopefully I can contribute to removing the stigma surrounding these things.

If anyone has any questions please go ahead and ask; I’m more than happy to share my experiences and knowledge!

Blessed Be.